Incorporating Technology into your Interior Design

There are times when even the latest, sleekest technology is an intrusion on a mood or beautifully appointed room. And yet, that technology should be at your finger tips. At Great Finds & Design one of our favorite techniques is to blend old with new. Whether it’s a 46 inch TV, a handy washstand with touchless faucet or just a guilty pleasure, it can be masterfully hidden and yet easily accessible behind the pleasant, handcrafted doors of one of our antique armoires or cabinets. Many of these furnishings are already just the right size; others can be lightly modified to accommodate whatever you have in mind.

So before you commit to the expense of custom-built shelving and storage units, consider the substance, character and craftsmanship of an existing and lovingly preserved piece… the timeless elegance of Great Finds & Design.

Great Finds and Design | Antiques Accessroies Art | Pewaukee, WI

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