Buffets, a Banquet for Your Home

When you see the word buffet, it’s hard not to think “all-you-can-eat.” But, the old French word comes from the marvelous sideboards from which the meal is served.


Great Finds & Design of Pewaukee, Wisconsin invites you to feast your eyes on our mouthwatering selection of these timeless, elegant – oh, and don’t forget casual – works of craftsmanship and handmade beauty. Not just for the Dining Room anymore, our buffets of rich woods (sometimes with touches of stone or metal) and patina are functional contributions to your decor, perfect as focal pieces in hallways, behind sofas or just about anywhere you need to make a statement in your home.


The great thing is that the average height of a vintage buffet leaves room above for the display of your favorite painting, wall art or decorative sculptures – adding aplomb as a visual base for the treat above.


The reliable buffet, originally designed to hold the serving ware of the household, also provides welcome storage for just about anything you can imagine – clothing, office supplies and even in the 21st Century even the dishes! The broad and usually richly finished top always brings with it a welcome work surface in kitchen or office.


Join us for our idea of a great buffet which is truly a feast for the eyes at Great Finds & Design in Pewaukee, Wisconsin!

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