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Great Finds & Design Wholesale Policy

Whether you are looking to add character to an existing retail operation or plan to open a new venture, Great Finds & Design can serve as a valuable source for your furnishing and accessory needs. Please call us to discuss how we can work together.

Great Finds & Design Design Policy

For over ten years, Great Finds & Design has been proud to work with the retail, wholesale and design community in the United States. As an importer of fine antique furnishings and accessories, we specialize in providing clients with inspirational and one of a kind pieces that transform space.

Respect for craftsmanship, history, and culture is evident in our ever changing collection. Many of our beautiful pieces incorporate interesting carvings, deep rich lacquer, original hardware, and thoughtful timeless design. We take great pride in our collections, traveling the world to provide you, our customer, with a consistent source of unique and varied options.

As dedicated professionals with a passion for what we do, you can rely on us to assist you in creating a positive experience with endless possibilities for your client. Customization possibilities which allow you to tailor the function of a piece for your client are also available. In addition, we will gladly search for specific pieces to fit your requests.

Please take a moment to register as a designer. Thank you in advance for your time. REGISTER HERE

Design Discounts Offered by Great Finds & Design

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our design registration form. Great Finds & Design is pleased to offer
interior design professionals a trade discount of 15% on furniture and accessories.

Purchase transactions can be handled according to the designer’s preference:

1. Designer pays. These purchases are arranged and paid for by the designer.
2. Customer is with the designer, customer pays and designer receives the commission. This is
on full retail purchases only. A commission check will be sent directly to designer once the sale is complete.
3. Customer is not with the designer, but has been referred by you and purchases merchandise at the retail price. Please phone or email us in advance, each time, so that Great Finds & Design can more effectively and efficiently assist your client in any way necessary. We will gladly pay the designer commission on additional items purchased at the time of this visit. A commission check will be sent directly to the designer once the sale is complete.

Commissions are not paid on:

  • Product modifications
  • Delivery charges
  • Unannounced referrals (not called in prior to customer visit)
  • Referrals from unregistered designers
  • Sale merchandise

In addition: It is our goal to provide you with the best customer service possible. Should you have any special requests regarding service, please do not hesitate to ask. We realize that sometimes it is necessary to take pieces out on approval and we will honor this request if at all possible. Due to the nature and age of our product, certain items may not be able to be released. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Should an item need to be put on hold, we will accommodate this request for 48 hours. The hold will automatically expire at that time. Should additional time be needed, the hold may be extended upon request at the discretion of Great Finds & Design. Great Finds & Design will assist in delivery arrangements, if necessary. We ask that all delivery charges be paid prior to delivery.

In store credit will be given to any item returned within 30 days. In the case where a client requests to return merchandise once the designer has confirmed the sale as final and received commission, the customer will receive a refund equivalent to the purchase price less the design commission paid.